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In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways to handle errors while making an HTTP requests in Angular.

First of all, let’s create a new Angular project with the name exercise1. Then, we’ll create three components and one service in this project. …

In this article, we’ll discuss about a simple use case of ngx-bootstrap modals in Angular application, in which there will be an angular component named modal-comp, where all the codes for ngx-bootstrap modal will be present. And it will be called by clicking a button in the app component.


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In Angular, an observable is an object that is imported from a package called rxjs.

To define an observable in simple words, we can say that an observable is the source from which data is emitted. Also, there is an observer which observes for any data packet emitted by the…

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According to the official documentation of , components are the most basic UI building block of an Angular app. An Angular app contains a tree of Angular components. These components helps us to understand and organize the UI codes, easily.

In this article, we’ll see how to make these components…

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In this article, we’ll discuss about creating a simple visitor’s register application using TypeScript, in which we’ll be able to make a list of people checking in and out of the premises.

The final look of this exercise is given below:

Initial setup

To use TypeScript, we have to install the…

TypeScript For Beginners

According to ,TypeScript is an open-source language which builds on JavaScript, one of the world’s most used tools, by adding static type definitions.

Browsers, by default, do not understand TypeScript. After writing TypeScript code, we have to compile it into JavaScript in order for browsers to understand it.

TypeScript allows…

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In this article, we’ll develop a simple note-taking application using HTML, Bootstrap, and Vanilla JavaScript, in which we can add, delete and search for our notes. The notes will be stored in the local storage of the web browser and they will not be deleted even if the browser is…

JavaScript is a single-threaded language. That means, only one line of code can be executed at a time and all the codes are executed one after the other.

But there are certain situations in which a line of code needs to fetch data from the database or any other APIs…

In this article, we’ll develop a React application which will fetch data (page by page) from the following API — and will display them on the browser in the form of a table. When the application is opened in the browser, it will display the contents of the first…

In this article, we’ll create a simple react application where we’ll use redux for state management. The final look of this application is shown below —

In this exercise, we’ll use combineReducers() of the redux library which combines multiple reducers into a single reducer.

According to the official

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